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大原三千院「初午大根焚き」/Daikon Radish served at Sanzen-in Temple

2月9日に #大原 へ足を延ばしました。今年は記録的な暖冬ですがこの日は冷え込み、素敵な雪景色を見ることができました。

I visited Ohara area on Feb 9. This year is record mild winter but it was cold enough to have snow on this day.

大原を訪問した目的は、#三千院 の「初午大根焚き」。

The aim of this visit was "Daikondaki"--Cooked Japanese Daikon radish is served at Sanzen-in Temple. (Normally in Kyoto we pronounce Daikodaki but the temple officially announces Daikondaki)


This Daikondaki is also titled "bring you happiness," as served daikon radish is specially treated to pray for blessing.


This is organically grown in Ohara area and I found it was very delicious to eat such a warm (almost hot) food in the cold.


As you can see in this photo, people were navy kimono with red sash. This is typical clothes of "Oharame".



"Oharame" is ladies who peddled around Kyoto. The clothes have slightly changed era to era but it is said it originated from a lady once lived in Ohara about 850 years ago.


I enjoyed the moment very much. Their kind "bon appetit" and warm smile put a smile on my face.