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知恩院友禅苑のしだれ桜と乙女椿/Weeping Cherry and Camellia in Yuzen-en Garden at Chion-in Temple


On 21st, I visited Yuzen-en garden at Chion-in Temple to see a weeping cherry tree.


The garden is located right after the big Sanmon Gate of 24 meters high on your right side. The gate is such big so you can see its side from the garden.


In the garden, though the size is relatively small, you can see both a pond and a dry garden, which make a garden Japanese garden.


The garden was renovated in 1954, when was 300 years after Yuzen's birth. He was the father of a type of dying method on gorgeous kimono.


You can enjoy pretty camellia, too. This one is especially called "maiden" as it doesn't make fruits.


The weeping cherry is at its peak now. If you have a chance, don't miss it!