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蓮の花/Lotus Flower


I visited Houkongouin Temple to enjoy lotus flower.


Lotus is appreciated very much in Buddhism.


You can see it a lot in temples in Japan, and Japanese people are familiar with it.


Its leaves are waterproof and the stems have lots of air cubicles, which greatly interest us.


Japanese people have loved it for a long time, and there are so many episodes. I'd like to share one here.


It is well known that when the lotus flower blooms, there is a pop sound.


「朝風に ぱくりぱくりと 蓮開く」


There is a haiku by a famous poet, Shiki Masaoka;

With the morning breeze


lotus appearing (Yuri translated)

What about the truth? Is it really making a sound when it opens?


Many wanted to hear the magical sound. So they tried to wake up early in the morning, or some tried to record the sound and amplified. The truth was, it wasn't making any sounds.


Still, the flower is somehow holy, and catches our eyes.


Note the temple, Houkongouin this year requires reservation beforehand, and it's only open in the morning.

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