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2020年寂光院の夏/Summer 2020 in Jakkoin


I visited Jakkoin on Aug 14.



The temple tells us the relation with The Tale of the Heike. It's located in rural Ohara district, away from the central Kyoto.


I went here to see sal flowers which blooms until around the mid August. Sal flower is mentioned in the beginning of the Tale of Heike, as "The bells of the Gion monastery in India echo with the warning that all things are impermanent. The blossoms of the sala trees teach us through their hues that what flourishes must fade. The proud do not prevail for long but vanish like a spring night's dream. In time the mighty, too, succumb: all are dust before the wind." (quoted from The Tales of the Heike by Burton Watson)


The flower is white and very fragile that lasts only one day. However this year we had a long rainy season, so its buds fell down to the ground without opening.


Also, the crape myrtle in the compound doesn't bloom, either. A lady told me that it's very sad that she cannot see flowers as usual years. Even so, this also teaches us impermanence. I look for next year to enjoy the flower with this teaching.


I was very impressed by the conversation with the lady. The situation this year, no white color in the temple and less people visiting here made her realized again that no day nor no year is a complete repetition of previous day nor year, and every moment is different, although we often forget the fact.


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