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善峯寺訪問記①/Visit Report on Yoshiminedera Temple①

11月9日に #善峯寺 (よしみねでら)を訪問しました。

I visited Yoshimine Temple(Officially translated) or, known as #Yoshiminedera, on Nov. 9th.


Japanese maple starts to change its color from mountainous area, and as well as river or water sides.


I honestly thought it would have been a bit early to enjoy autumn view, but it was wonderful, and I felt it's earlier this year.


Yoshimine Temple is not only famous for its autumn scenery but also every season's beauty. It could be a bit tough to reach to this temple because it's in a mountain, but I strongly recommend to visit it.


The must-see is the pine tree, renowned as the best in all over Japan, and the view from the mountain! You'll see the whole Kyoto City below your eyes!


Let me save the detailed story of its pine tree for the next post. The pine is the right side of the picture.


So graceful and huge!

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