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Map To Kyoto Report/京と地図ツアー開催記録

Map TO Kyoto(京と地図ツアー)を開催しました。

Today Tabinomushi held a tour named Map TO Kyoto.

花手水 / wash basin with flowers


Guests are given a map, and they decide the way to go by themselves. The guide assists them to learn deep culture and history what they see in front of them.


Thus, the course is different every time. Today we dropped by a firm and temples.

六角農場 /Rokkaku Firm


Though it was raining all the time, we could enjoy variety of different cherry blossoms, and felt spring a lot.

六角堂の桜 / cherry blossom


Thank you very much for joining the tour today!

Map TO Kyoto / 京と地図ツアー

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