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Tabinomushi Regular Tours

Arashiyama Walk

Arashiyama Walk

This tour is a walking tour around famous Arashiyama area (especially Togetsu bridge) in the west of Kyoto.

From the ancient times, Japanese people have enjoyed every moment even on the same site. Why don't we try together to understand this mind better?

The Arashiyama Walk tour course doesn't change at all each time, but the guide will tell you various seasonal stories, which never be the same in a different season.

ex.) spering: cherry blossoms

       summer: Japanese rainy season

You'll always find the beauty of Arashiyama from a different point of views and will get Japanese ideas how to see and enjoy the same things differently. This is the real heart of Japanese culture!

Magical Physical

Magical Physical

From the olden times, it is a journey that makes you get away from it all. Indeed traditionally, many famous Japanese abandoned their lives and went for a journey, seeking for a complete change and something new.

A chance to get a complete refresh in modern society - this tour is trying to offer you this with Ashitsubo (foot reflexology).

Feet show your mental and physical state. When human feels stress (=danger of its life), he/she stops breathes deeply in a relaxed way and the brain orders body to be ready for running away or for a battle. This means your feet also become under the pressure. Though we don't experience such danger in our normal life, but modern busy lives cause this, too, such as overwork, relationships, and too much information.

Taking this from another way, we can relieve our mental pressure physically by Ashitsubo foot reflexology.

How is your daily life? Aren't you be too busy?

When in a relaxed condition, you may get totally different impression from even the same scenery. Let's go out to get the most impressive moment together with the guide and the reflexologist!

Map TO Kyoto

Map To Kyoto

This tour is a unique tour that the guests decide which way to go! Having pencils and a map, specially designed by Chiaki Ohtake, a famous illustrator who loves Kyoto deeply, you will discover the Kyoto city more deeply.

At the end of the tour, you will get your own map that is the only one in the world.


All about  Kyoto's sento (Japanese public bath) by Chiaki Ohatake

Mainly explained by illustrations, you can enjoy without knowing Japanese.

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