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晩秋の毘沙門堂で紅葉を堪能!/Guided Tour at Late Autumn Bishamondo

12月2日に晩秋の趣漂う中、#毘沙門堂 でやさしい日本語でのツアーを開催しました。

We did a tour at late-autumn #Bishamondo Temple in easy Japanese on Dec 2nd.


Participants were so sensitive that they never missed details to find small beauty.


What I (guide) was very impressed was this angle of a shot. They enjoyed taking photos and videos appreciating a tiny maple leaf in a metal cup.

雨どい/ Rain gutter


After taking them, they asked me what this metal thing was.

雨どい/ Rain gutter


This is a kind of a rainwater gutters to let raindrops fall to the ground. The big difference between normal pipe gutters and this chain type one is whether you can enjoy the way how it flows.


The history dates back to 400 to 450 years ago. It's been often used in temples, shrines, and castles covered with a tiled roof.


Originally any gutters have actual benefits to prevent rain dropped from a roof from digging over soil and leaking roof from damaging the building.


Surprisingly, ancient Japanese wanted to make everything even practical beautiful and enjoyable.


Because it rained just before the tour, the slope to the gate had a gorgeous red maple carpet. And also we enjoyed other views from gardens.

毘沙門堂勅使門/ Bishamondo

毘沙門堂/ Bishamondo

晩翠園/ Bansuien Garden


Hope students enjoy Japanese learning as well as the late autumn days.

毘沙門堂/ Bishamondo

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