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September Arashiyama Walk/ 9月の嵐山散策

Today (Sep. 20th) Tabinomushi operated a tour with many stories about the moon and chrysanthemum, which are typical seasonal motifs in early autumn.


It was very nice weather. Less humidity than in summer makes the sky clearer. "Autumn with the sky clear and blue, and horses growing stout." is a Japanese saying to describe this beautiful moment.


This works at night, too. The night sky in autumn is very clear black, and totally different from the one in spring with a hazy and misty moon .


Japanese people celebrate the moon tomorrow as the harvest moon. This moon, which is considered as one of the best to appreciate is not necessarily full moon, but it is this year.


That would be very romantic to wait and watch the moon rising from the east.


Dusk in this season is beautiful and it has been said so for more than 1000 years in a famous essay, Makuranososhi(枕草子).


Humid and hot summer is gone at last. It makes you enjoy this wonderful season more to find a trivial transition of season towards autumn color and winter.


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