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秋の嵐山散策/Autumn Arashiyama Walk


Tabinomushi operated a tour Arashiyama Walk on November 28th.


First of all, we'd like to apologize several dates were cancelled due to health reasons of the tour guide. Thank you again for your understanding and your kind words when Yuri, the guide was down,


This is a series of the different stories from seasons to seasons by a professional tour guide, though the tour course is always the same.

法輪寺 / Horinji


This time in November, the topic was Hhyakunin-issyu(百人一首), a collection of 100 poems by 100 different people, and Japanese autumn.


We usually use the shorter name but more precisely say, you need to add "Ogura" in the beginning of the name.


Ogura refers to Mt. Ogura. It is exactly around now called Arashiyama area.

嵐山 / Arashiyama


Introducing several poems, we saw Japanese people's feeling towards autumn, which is not always full of happiness with the beauty, but a little bit sadness or sometimes dejection.


Thank you very much for joining.

Tour guide Yuri

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