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ウォーキングツアーで学校の周りをじっくり堪能その①/Deep Cultural Walking Tour Around the School Vol.1


We enjoyed the first walking tour in 2020 with Japanese learners.


They all were very eager to learn Japanese, so the tour was mixed with easy JA and EN. We also learned how streets in Kyoto named, and the special dialect in Kyoto.

通訳案内士Yuri/ English tour guide


First, we visited Rokkakudo Temple.

通訳案内士Yuri/ English tour guide



Here was a quiz that I (the guide) asked; why we named this temple "Rokkakudo?"

Was a difficult question...

What do you say four cornered shape? "shikaku (square, literally means four cornered in Japanese)!" How about three? "sankaku (triangle, same as above, three cornered)!"


Then now I asked what if it had five? "gokaku (five cornered)?"


Then one hundred? "Hyakkaku (hundred cornered) !!"


It was very exciting to learn something new in Japanese in Japan in a special location.



A new question here. Why on the earth we say this temple is "Rokkaku (six cornered)." We went up to see from the top.

All of us said "WOW"!!

六角堂/ Rokkakudo


Rokkakudo Temple is very interesting with lots of stories. Here in this photo is what is called belly stone, showing the center of the city, and used for a sign to evacuate in old times.

へそ石/ Rokkakudo


They were lovely young ladies and boys and those people often wish for their love fortune. The temple has a big willow tree with a sweet legendary love story. People coming here take a slip of a piece of paper which tells you all about your future.


And they tie the slip to the tree. The word "tie" in Japanese language "musubu" is not just used for tying something like paper or rope, but also for relationship (like blood tie in English).

If you "musubu" a fortune telling paper slip, good relationship will be "musubu" with your partner.

六角堂/ Rokkakudo


Everyone this time is an instagrammer so I (the guide) introduced a cutie statue.


This is an instagrammable photo!

六角堂/ Rokkakudo


After this temple, we headed to Shinkyo-goku and Gion. To be continued...


Please check our new podcast!

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