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Arashiyama Walk on July 11th/嵐山散策7月11日

The other day on 11th, we did a tour in Arashiyama area.


Japan has been in rainy season, but luckily enough, we didn't have so much rain during our tour, even we didn't have to have umbrellas.


First, we visited a small but important temple named Horinji Temple. There we overviewed the whole history of its area, then proceeded to Togetsu Bridge, a famous landmark in its area, and Arashiyama park. We finished our tour at Bamboo Forest.


Recently Southern Japan was hit by terrible downpour, and experienced floods and landslides. Kyoto in its long history has had lots of floods as well, so our main interest this time was that.


I wish they can have normal lives as soon as possible.


In September next time, Tabinomushi is planning to do tours about the moon and chrysanthemums in Japanese culture. Nobody knows how COVID goes, but we're looking forward to seeing you all.


通訳案内士Yuri/ English tour guide

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