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Naniwa Shuzo--Japanese Sake Brewery/浪花酒造

Naniwa Shuzo, one of the oldest sake breweries in Osaka, has been brewing sake for generations in the same family.


Located very near the seashore, the brewery and the family home which is attached, is a Registered National Landmark with the government due to its unique beauty and traditional architecture.


Japan once boasted over 10,000 sake breweries, now about 1200 are working to brew Japanese sake to the world.


The craft, artisanal methods Naniwa Shuzo uses to brew their sake is unlike much larger breweries. In fact, Naniwa Shuzo makes a variety of fine sakes using traditional methods -- remarkable given that they are one of the smallest breweries in terms of annual production in Japan.


The sake is delicious! The experience of visit is unique.


Come to Osaka and see the traditional way of life 10,000 brewery families used to live, but few do so today. Enjoy original Japanese sake culture by meeting the family that brews it, and by doing so, keeping a traditional way of life alive today.


translated and edited by Yuri

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