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松尾大社/Matsunoo Taisha Shrine


One day I (Yuri) visited Matsunoo Taisha Shrine.

*It is also called Matsuo Taisha, but officially written "Matunoo," so this article follows the official name.


When Hata clan settled here, they started to worship mountain deities and consider a huge rock at nearly the top of the mountain as a dwelling of these deities.


Hata clan is an ancient migrants to Japan, who introduced continental culture, especially Chinese updated culture such as hydrological techniques, agricultural techniques, and silk fabric.


Above all, sake making is a very strong point of the clan. Thus, the close relation between Matunoo Taisha Srine and Hata clan makes this shrine admired as the God of sake making.


In the compound, there is spring water falling from the mouth of a turtle. This is sacred water which prevents sake from getting rotted when people add this water as they brew sake.


Turtles and carps are the messenger of deities here.


You can find them at different places in the shrine. Keep your eyes on these!

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