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今年は寅年!/ A Year of The Tiger


In Japanese temples and shrines, there are statues of animals, such as boars and foxes.


And because of this variety, people try to go to a temple with the animal of that year's zodiac.


This year 2022 is the year of the Tiger, and Kurama Temple has them.


Here in the compound, there are tigers with full of dignity.


One closes its mouth, and the other opens it, saying, from the start of the things to the end. This leads to the idea that they are protecting us from the very beginning of the world to the last end.


"Learning everything from just listening to one words." is a close idea that Japanese people use regarding to this opening and closing mouth.


Before one saying any words, the other learns what he wants to say.--"a breath of A(opening)-Un(closing)".



Japanese people tends to think it's important to communicate without words. However these are special days as New Year, so why don't you try to say "Thank you" to your family and friends? It will be a nice chance to tell gratitude.

Photo by Hannah

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