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東寺のライトアップ/Night Light up at Toji Temple

少し前になりますが、3月22日に #東寺 のライトアップを訪れました。

A while ago on March 22nd, I (Yuri) visited #Toji Temple to enjoy its night light up.


It is enough to say its scenery with a gorgeous weeping cherry tree and pagoda represents Kyoto.


The five-storied-pagoda is tallest in Japan, which height is 55 meters, and the 5th generation after burned down several times by fire.


The weeping cherry blossom tree has its special name and is named after a Buddhist idea.



The idea is that we tend to see our world by dichotomy, such as death/life, good/bad and light/darkness, but these are originated in one thing.

It is, the fact we are living at this moment. Because we live, we have these separation, but if you concentrate on your mind to our presence, these division is nothing meaningful.


Everyone appreciated the momemt and I was moved by it.

I really thought human being is the same in front of this tree even if they are from different culture, countries, places, because it was beyond our words.


I felt I touched the Buddhist idea.

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