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Happy New Year 2022!


I wish you all a happy and healthy new year. And thank you very much for joining our events and reading our blog posts.


I (Yuri) had a first day of 2022 in Hannan City in the southernmost in Osaka.


Hannan City is surrounded with the sea and mountains, which provides us a different charm from Kyoto.


All around Japan experienced cold weather till yesterday, but today it became a sunny day. I even felt the warm sunlight.



Besides guiding in Kyoto, Tabinomushi is going to expand its activities towards guiding in Osaka.

浪花酒造 / Naniwa Shuzo

#浪花酒造 の酒樽と虎の絵が奉納された波太(はた)神社にて。

Sake barrel of #NaniwaShuzo and painting of Chinese zodiac, year of Tiger, at Hata Shire in Hannnan City.

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