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NAKED ヨルモウデ 平安神宮/Night Illumination at Heian Jingu Shrine

「NAKED ヨルモウデ 平安神宮」と題された夜のライトアップが、1月16日まで平安神宮で行われています。

A night illumination is held at Heian Jingu Shrine until the 16th of January.


This is to stagger people coming to pray under the considering situation of the corona.

平安神宮 ヨルモウデ


A lantern given to you at the entrance shows a beautiful image on the ground. This is for social distancing not to come too close to others.

平安神宮 ヨルモウデ


The garden is decorated with a projection mapping, and it shows all seasons at Heian Shrine.

平安神宮 ヨルモウデ


At a big dandelion they made, you can blow seeds digitally. This object is set in such as Paris and Singapore, so your wish flies to and connect the world.

平安神宮 ヨルモウデ


You might think it's wired to light up a heritage, but once you think of the thoughts and wishes of organizers, you would realize how seriously they are hoping the situation gets better.


I(Yuri) also hope the coronavirus situation gets resolved.

Photo by Hannah

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