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Tour On Creating a Japanese Mini Garden/鉢庭づくり体験

Today we did a special tour with a help of a gardening company - 植彌加藤造園. They provided lots of interesting stories about gardens. Imagination and imitation. Nowadays Japanese gardens are very famous worldwide and many travelers come to see them. We can see the beauty of gardens immediately, we can understand the basic concepts by reading a leaflet, but how about the stories behind and gardeners' work everyday?


To satisfy such our interests, we visited Konkaikomyoji Temple with professional gardeners after visiting Heianjingu Shrine. First, we are explained about the brief history of it, and soon after we entered closed area to tourists.


There was a small dry garden inside. Most people at least once wonder how the pattern on gravels are drawn. We now know the secrets! Even had a chance to try it.


Then we saw the main garden in the temple. We realized how meaningful every small part is with lots of interesting and educating stories given by the gardeners.


They showed us the best spot and told us the reason from the point of a gardener's view! Indeed, it was amazing scenery!


What we were looking forward today was to make our own miniature Japanese garden! Not just listening to their stories, but creating a garden added deep understanding.


After about 45 minutes....

Here are our guests' work!!

Both of the gardens have nice concepts, can you guess what?




The World Map
Bridging the divides

Thank you all very much for joining our tour!