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みたらし祭を体験!/Experience on Mitarashi Matsuri


The other day, we operated a tour for exchange students to experience Mitarashi Matsuri in Kyoto. This is an event held at Shimogamo Shrine, and we bathe our feet into a pond while praying a healthy life. Very popular among the locals as water cools you down.



Once we got out from the school, everybody complained about the heat and humidity. The students are from all around the world and many said, for example, "Worse than Texas!" "Same as awful Taiwan!" "Crazy humidity! (German student)"


Keep booing! This was really a perfect condition to enjoy the "coolest" event in Kyoto. And here we are!!


Before entering the shire, we purified ourselves at the wash basin. The water here was cool enough and we got excited to try Mitarashi Matsuri.



One student bought a shaved ice secretly on the way... Yeah, it was that hot.


We learned a lot: the history of the shrine, the relation with Kamo River, the purpose of this event, and entered the closed area yet open sometimes.


At last! Ta-da!! We came to the pond! Mitarashi Pond!


The water was cold rather than cool and everybody didn't expect it. The water level was also higher than the students thought.



Some insisted to stay forever as it was so refreshing. Honestly I (the guide) would have loved to do so.


This photo shows how many of us didn't want to go back.


The others were enjoying drinking delicious water offered by the shrine. Even they could fill up their empty bottles.



Everybody enjoyed and said "it was coolest ever!"

Thank you all very much. Take care of your health and enjoy Japanese summer!

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