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佛光寺の盆踊り/Bon-odori dance at Bukkouji Temple


One of summer memories Japanese people think about would be "bon-odori", an event local community comes all together in the evening to dance outside.

The part of the word "bon" refers to a connection with Obon season.


In Japanese Buddhism, there was a Buddhist sect in which people chants while dancing. It is said that bon-odori originated in this and became popular in summer as it was the season to think about our ancestors.


Since the whole community works together to set up an event, this tightens the relationship between people. Recently in Japan, modernization and the trend towards nuclear families make it hard to go on so more and more regions are giving up to pass down.


However against this, Bukkoji Temple have re-established bonodori event after about 30 years. Slightly before six, people began to gather.

盆踊り/ Bon odori


After it started, the music and Japanese drum sound made pedestrians including foreign visitors curious, and brought them into the temple. They also joined to dance learning how to dance by watching.

温踊り/ Bono dori

盆踊りの振り付けはシンプルなものが多く、繰り返しが多いので馴染みが無くてもすぐに覚えられます。是非参加してみてください。 Choreography of each songs are simple and repeated. You can learn it quickly so don't hesitate to try! It's nice to jump in the local community.

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