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六地蔵めぐり/Rokujizo Pilgrimage


I'd like to share one unique pilgrimage in Kyoto called Rokujizo-meguri. People pray for their family safety, happiness and health by touring six Jizo Buddhist statues.

地蔵尊がまつられている位置をマーキングしました。すると、京都をぐるりと囲むように配置されていることがわかります。 元々は、小野篁が一本の桜の大木から六体の地蔵を刻んだと伝わり、現代の六地蔵の地に安置されていたそうですが、およそ800年前に六つの地蔵尊は旧街道の入り口に分置されました。

Look at the location of temples shown on the map below. They surround Kyoto completely. About 800 years ago, the six were deployed on six highways, the entrance to Kyoto with a wish for travel safety. Originally they are said to be made of a huge cherry tree by one person so they all are siblings.

六地蔵めぐり/Rokujizo Pilgrimage


Jizo is very popular among Japanese and many call her (?) very casually (ojizo-san). When you see a small wooden box-like thing on streets, take a closer look then you may find her statue in it here and there. Jizo is believed to bring us a lot of spiritual benefits and blessings.

六地蔵めぐり/Rokujizo Pilgrimage


Each six temple has a piece of paper. The manners is to collect the six and hang them all together at the entrance of your house. They become an amulet.

六地蔵めぐり/Rokujizo Pilgrimage


Nowadays I've heard there is a bus tour to visit them all. I came across a big group at one temple. I also tried to visit all of them but it was driving rain today. When I was wondering if it was worth doing so, while viewing a big Jizo, a monk talked to me quietly and gently.

--If you cannot visit six all, it doesn't matter at all. Your belief and efforts are what make Jizo happy and pleased. Happy to see you here.

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