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毘沙門堂のサルスベリ/Crape Myrtle in Bishamondo Temple

#毘沙門堂 晩翠園の #サルスベリ が見頃でした。

A big #Crape_myrtle in #Bishamondo Temple garden was at its full bloom.

晩翠園/ Bansuien


Crape myrtle is written "百日紅"--hundred days showy pink in Chinese characters in Japan. As it name shows, it lasts very long from the beginning to the end of summer. It's the only girl in surrounding green.


Walk uphill from the nearest Yamashina Station for about 20 minutes to this Buddhist temple. At the very last moment, there are steep upstairs which may take your time and energy.

毘沙門堂の階段/ Bishamondo


But it's worth going up to see a beautiful vermilion gate. Shinto shrines (Japanese indigenous animistic religion) are decorated with vermilion like this, but Buddhist temples usually aren't. (Well, Kyoto has too many exceptions, though.) This place is Buddhist but covered with vermilion, which shows this Buddhist temple is a complex with Shinto idea.

毘沙門堂の唐門/ Bishamondo


In this temple you will see many elaborated decorations because it was once a temple taken care by the imperial lineage. Especially the paintings on sliding doors inside are known as "living painting". The pictures change as you move. The paintings are from the middle of 17th century, and prohibited to take photos since they're cultural treasure.


Bishamondo Temple is renowned for gorgeous spring cherry blossoms and wonderful autumn colored leaves. Japanese maple trees turn its color into bright red and yellow in autumn. Can you find them in this picture below? The brighter greens are maple trees that will change in 2 months.

毘沙門堂/ Bishamondo


Around the station itself, you can see crape myrtles on streets. That was also really pleasure to see.

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