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妙満寺と釣鐘の伝説/A story of a bell in Myomanji Temple

先日、#妙満寺 を訪問する機会がありました。

Recently I've visited #Myomanji Temple.

妙満寺山門/ gate at Myomanji


In this Myomanji Temple has a dry garden known as "The Garden of Snow." The name came from the beautiful scenery with covering snow in winter.

妙満寺雪の庭/ Myomanji


And there is one more thing which many people pay attention to.


A bell.

妙満寺の釣鐘/ bell at Myomanji


I'd like to share a story of this bell. It's a common story with Noh traditional dance and other many arts.


Long time ago, a monk was on a pilgrimage to a shrine in a mountain. He asked a house on the way for one night's lodging. When he was about to sleep, the lady in the house came to him. He rejected her because he had a sacred purpose, but he had no choice but to say he would be back to her.


She was waiting and waiting day after day, but he never came back. One day, she heard that he was going back to his place on a different route. It enraged her because he broke his word, so she decided to chase him. Without noticing, her anger turned her to a snake. At last she found him at one temple. He was hiding himself in a bell. She coiled up around the bell, and soon, her flames of jealous burned him with the bell.


There are many legends what happened afterwards, but I lay down my pen for today.


I saw a picture scroll about this story in the temple hall. The story has something to do with the Lotus Sutra, that tells us how beneficial it is. That's way Myomanji Temple still cherishes the bell. I hope I have a chance to talk about it someday.


I'd like to conclude my blog in August with a spooky story.

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