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月とICOM展示/The Moon And an ICOM Related Event


Time flies so fast and I saw a beautiful crescent moon today. This reminded me of that it's already the third of September.


In September, we have a custom in Japan to appreciate the moon. From the ancient times, the moon on Aug 15 in the lunar calendar, which falls on Sep 13 2019, has been especially admired. Aug 15 has been considered as the very middle of autumn. I hope it will be sunny.


This custom originally came from China. However Japan in September still has lots of Typhoons which bring storms and unsettled weather so it is not the nicest time to enjoy the moon from the meteorological point of view. In 919 the emperor at that time held a moon viewing party next month. It made a new custom which lasts more than 1,000 years to appreciated it in October, as well. It seems that everyone hoped to see the best moon regardless ages and places.


You can find many arts inspired by moon.


I visited the Museum of Kyoto and found these arts. (It's officially allowed to take pictures.)


The moon peeped through pampas grass is a very common autumn motif.

金蒔絵の箱/ Makie
A gold lacquered box


And What I really like is this.

屏風/ Byobu folding screen
A picture painted on a folding screen

「武蔵野は 月の入るべき山もなし 草より出でて草にこそ入れ」という和歌を趣旨を汲んだ屏風です。月が草陰に見えています。