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京都のコーヒー文化/Kyotoites Love Coffee


What young Japanese love to do in Kyoto is not just visiting historical sites. They also love to try instagrammable cafes. Kyoto, known as a traditional city in Japan, has a big consumption of coffee and bread which are newer than tea and rice for Japanese.

土地の大きさに照らして考えると、京都には信じられないほどたくさんの大学が存在します。(大学数は2018年度で34校) それゆえかつては喫茶店に学生が集い、議論した文化があったようです。パリのサロンのような役割を果たしていたのでしょう。近頃では、喫茶店は学生にとって日常的に通うには手頃とは言い難く、近隣の住民の方がオーナーと会話に興じているのをよく目にします。

Despite of its size, Kyoto has had enormous number of universities and colleges (as many as 34 universities!) and it is said those students gathered in cafes to discuss. They considered cafes had the same role as salons in Paris. Recently such cafes are rather expensive for students, instead local residents often come to talk with owners.

それでも、コーヒーを愛し会話を楽しむのは変わりありません。何かコーヒーにまつわるイベントや、おいしいコーヒーが飲めるチャンスがあると、多くの人がおいしい一杯を求めて出かけます。昨日、今日と京都るてん商店街(京都駅より徒歩約7分)にて、ENJOY COFFEE TIMEと題するイベントが開催されていました。

Still, people love to drink coffee and enjoy conversation. If there is such a chance or an event to try all the best coffee, many hit the street to get a cup. Yesterday and today, an coffee event ENJOY COFFEE TIME was held at Kyoto Ruten Market near Kyoto Station.

The entrance sign at Kyoto Ruten Market


The sun was very scorching yesterday and it seemed back into the middle of summer.


I tried espresso tonic. Espresso with tonic water, and syrup made from herbs, which is the best combination in hot weather.


If you only think Kyoto is very old and traditional, you'll miss the essence of this city. People in Kyoto have been always modern and early adopters. They've been passionate about learning something new and pursuing the best quality beyond just coffee. This is the spirit of Kyoto.

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