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櫛まつり/Kushi Matsuri (Memorial Service for Hair Combs)


Annually on the forth Monday in September, a Special memorial service for used and broken hair combs is held at Yasui-Konpira Shrine. Today Sep 23, 2019 was the day. There was a concern of rainfall before it started, but luckily enough, we even saw the blue sky.


People bring their combs and priests offer a religious service. This shows our strong gratitude toward combs.

櫛祭り/ Kushi matsuri

久志塚/ Kushi matsuri
The tomb of such combs/久志塚


Showing gratitude not just to people but also to items is very important point in Japanese culture. This makes us use them very carefully and gently until the end.


After the service, a parade displaying traditional costumes of each era of Japanese history starts from the shrine and comes back. It's very special because it's focused on ladies, and their hair style done with their own natural hair show exactly how it was in the past.


Hair is a woman's crowning glory. It's been a symbol of beauty. Every lady in the parade was with a different hair style in a different costume, but all of them were beautiful.

櫛祭り/ Kushi matsuri

江戸中期/ Kushi matsuri

櫛祭り/ Kushi matsuri

現代舞妓/ Kushi Matsuri


When you have a chance to visit here, try to find the comb's tomb. And don't forget to wish for fulfillment in love, which is the very strong point of this shrine.

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