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秋を告げるキンモクセイ/Osmanthus Brings Us Autumn But Did Not In The Past


When you walk out into cities or nature, you will realize the fragrance of flowers everywhere. It's osmanthus, or called kinmokusei in Japanese.


The fregrance is aromatic strong and you cannot ignore. The smell tells us that autumn has come finally. Four-petal small flower is lovely.


However, regardless of its presence in a symbol of autumn and fragrant scent, there is no traditional Japanese poems (waka) about this flower. It's unbelievable not to be mentioned by the aristocratic culture.


The reason was that the flower didn't exist in Japan at that time.


If ancient Japanese had smelled osmanthus, they couldn't have helped themselves but had created so many poems.


We have an advantage to live in 21st century. It is a different autumn from the past.


But still, it's the same thing nobody can see the arrival of autumn clearly and just we feel it.


    秋来ぬと 目にはさやかに 見えねども

      風の音にぞ おどろかれぬる

I'd like to introduce one waka. (Japanese poem) He cannot see clearly the arrival of autumn but realize it is surely by feeling the pleasant autumn wind.

    The arrival of autumn I find

    It is not clear

    Surprised to hear

    The sound of autumn wind

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