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北野天満宮のずいき祭/Harvest Festival at Kitanotenmangu Shrine


It's already October and we expected to have cool air, but somehow it seems summer has come back again. In Kyoto, it reached 33.6℃ on Oct 1 (day before yesterday), which was recording high as in October. And 29.3℃ on the following day. If you go sightseeing, I suggest to bring something easy to take on and off as the difference in temperature between daytime and nighttime is extreme, as well as day by day.


Japan in October, which is autumn season, has a lot of harvest festivals. Autumn is often associated with delicious meals with fresh rice. Rice harvests in this season so we have appreciated nature and people's efforts traditionally in this beautiful season.

10月1日から始まった北野天満宮の「ずいき祭」もその一つです。#北野天満宮 は普段から多くの生徒さんたちで賑わっています。

One of such festivals is Zuiki Matsuri at #KitanoTenmangu Shrine from Oct 1. This shrine is well-known as the shrine for academic achievement.

北野天満宮/ Kintano Temmangu Shrine


Here you can see a unique float called "zuiki mikoshi." What is special at Zuiki Matsuri is that it's adorned differently every year with vegetables and plants.

ずいき祭り/ Zuiki matsuri


The decoration is inspired by Japanese folk tales and the talks of the world.

ずいき祭/ Zuiki matsuri


If you didn't check the new Disney movie, here is another The Lion King on the top.

ずいき神輿/ Zuiki Mikoshi


The locals carry it around the shrine tomorrow, so if you are planning to go nearby, enjoy its adorable decoration.

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