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怨霊・お化け・妖怪!? をご案内/Tour to a spiritual world: Yokai Parade at Ichijo Street

過日になりますが、10月19日に学生さんをご案内しました。この日のテーマは怨霊・お化け・妖怪…と何やら物騒!訪問地は #北野天満宮 と大将軍八神社でした。

A while ago, we did a tour on monsters, creatures, ghosts, spirits - called Yokai. We enjoyed visiting #Kitanotenmangu Shrine and Daishogunhachi jinja Srine.


Most of students knew the words Yokai and Yurei from manga and anime, and they were interested in that Japanese don't always have horror images about them.

通訳案内士/ English tour guide


Normally if you are students, Kitano-tenmangu Shrine is a good selection to visit as it is with a deity whose name is Sugawara-no-Michizane of academic achievement. But on this day, we are partly ghost busters to learn more about supernatural beings so the guide told them lots of spooky stories related to him. Here is one: we might be struck by lightning because he did the same thing to the imperial palace a thousand years ago.

通訳案内士Yuri/ English tour guide


Later on we headed over a shopping street well known as Yokai Street. Each store has a Yokai mannequin.


On this day at Ichijo street, Yokai Parade was held. People appeared in wired yet spooky costumes. You might think of Halloween but it has nothing to do with it. Ichijo street, which was the border from the ancient capital to outside, has been always believed that supernatural occurrences possibly happen, and one was Yokai Parade.

Yokai/ Yokai Monsters


The costumes are so elaborated that even adults would scream. No wonder because they are produced by Kyoto Saga University of Arts. If you join many Yokai events, you would realize there are familiar Yokai to you.


This event is to cheer up the local, but still there is a big money issue and they asked for donations. I hope this unique event will continue to the next generation.

一角獣/ Yokai monster


Thank you very much for wonderful night. We and students enjoyed it very much.

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