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毘沙門堂の紅葉/Autumn Foliage at Bishamondo

11月13日に #毘沙門堂 を訪問しました。

I visited #Bishamondo temple on Nov 13th.


The scenery with red fallen maple leaves in front of Chokushimon (the gate for the imperial envoys) is very famous, since it was used in a poster for 2011 campaign by JR railway.

紅葉/ Japanese Maple


It has just started to change colors so not all are red, yet great autumn foliage enough to enjoy. Beautiful color graduation from green to red. Now at last summer is completely gone.

晩翠園/ Bansuien Garden


There is another plant but Japanese maple which turns also red. It's called Japanese enkianthus and written as "満天星." The meaning of Kanji characters is very romantic; the stadium of stars. It's because once Chinese story told the flower in spring was shining like stars.

毘沙門堂/ Bishamondo


Bishamondo is stately and worth seeing while you stay in Kyoto. You will learn its history with a given audio guide (or sometimes with a temple guide), so that you can fully appreciate the temple including decorations and paintings on sliding doors, not just views.


It takes 15 minutes to walk from the nearest station, Yamashina station. While walking you can enjoy a small canal on the way to the temple, too. Cherry trees here are also with red, orange, yellow leaves to make our eyes pleased with a scenic landscape.

山科疎水/ Yamashina

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山口 和宏
山口 和宏
Feb 22, 2020


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