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大原野神社のライトアップ/light-up at Oharano-jinja Shrine


I visited illuminated Oharano-jinja Shrine on 16th of November.

大原野神社/ Oharano shrine


It's only lit up from Nov 15th to 17th, and the public transportation is limited to few buses which could make it difficult to come.


However, the compound and green to red maple leaves with gentle lights were worth visiting.

大原野神社/ Oharano shrine


Here is idyllic Oharano area, where ancient Japanese emperors and nobles enjoyed hunting more than 1,000 years ago.


It could be said the so-called "scenery of Japan." The author of the Tale of Genji, one of the most famous authors in Japanese history, exceedingly loved here.


You will see the beauty of the pond with an arched stone bridge and water lilies in the shrine.


Water Lilies and Japanese Bridge - there is a painting by Claude Monet. Its composition is very similar to the view, though his inspiration's not taken from here.


Monet himself didn't come visit Japan, but he might be touched by the attractiveness in Japanese scenery.


The Waterlily Pond: Green Harmony, and Pink Harmony show that he was fascinated by the flow of time. So I imagine if he had seen the light up, he would have been moved by the way how lights made different colors of leaves shining.

大原野神社/ Oharano shrine


The event is until 17th, but you can enjoy autumn foliage for a while even after it.

大原野神社/ Oharano shrine


How about adding to your must-go list?

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