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晩秋の趣ただよう青蓮院/Late Autumn Garden at Shoren-in Temple

4日午後に #青蓮院 を訪問しました。

I privately visited #Shorenin Temple on 4th.


Shoren-in has been famous for its highest rank and close tie to the imperial family as traditionally such people served as a head of monks.


As if the garden shows its privileged status, the quiet atmosphere, elegancy and grace are beyond descriptions.

青蓮院/ Shoren-in

建物の中から座ってご覧になるのも、お庭へ出て歩みを進めるにつれ変化する景色を楽しむのもどちらも楽しいことでしょう。 It's very pleasure and enjoyable to see it from inside while sitting down or walk around to enjoy every changing angle.

青蓮院/ Shoren-in


The eye catching view would be the pond "Ryu-jin-no Pond." The stone's shape looks like the back of a dragon bathing in the pond, so the pond's name is coming from dragon. You may feel the garden is much larger than it is because of the borrowed landscape: the whole mountain behind the temple are used as the part of the garden.

青蓮院/ Shoren-in


It drizzled before the visit, but when I was siting for a while, sunlight came through trees and it made the mountain shining.

青蓮院/ Shoren-in


I enjoyed walking slowly with the nostalgic feeling of the last autumn moment.

青蓮院/ Shoren-in


A few stairs up offers you a scenic view of the building where you were looking at the garden.

青蓮院/ Shoren-in


Highly recommend to enjoy the peaceful time.

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