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大原三千院/Sanze-in Temple

#大原 地区は豊かな自然とのどかさが魅力です。京都市街地からバスで約1時間ほどに位置しています。

The charm of Ohara district is its rich nature and idyllic landscape. It's one hour away by bus from the center of Kyoto City .


As this area was often chosen to seclude from the world, you might feel forlorn atmosphere while walking. Especially thinking of the nobles who reached their height of glory, you would travel back into the date around 1000 years ago.

たくさんの見所あるお寺が随所にありますが、中でもとりわけ有名なのは #三千院 でしょう。

The area has lots of nice temples, but the one most famous would be Sanzen-in Temple.


Many people expect to see the most beautiful scenery but I intentionally chose this time after the peak of autumn color. This ohara area is known as harsh winter, and the last moment of autumn reminds me of how people saw the transit of season missing the beautiful moment, without saying, with overlapping their past glorious lives.

大原三千院聚碧園/ Sanzenin


The temple has two different gardens: the Shuhekien garden (photo above) and theYuseki-en garden (photo below). What was really impressing was the exceeding beauty of green moss.

大原三千院有清園/ Sanzenin


In the compound, there are pretty small statues. Walking and finding them add the pleasure to be here.

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