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  • Yuri

早咲きの桜(近衛邸跡)/Early Cherry Blossoms at Kyoto Imperial Palace


Today on 18th, I went out to see cherry blossoms in the northeastern corner of the Kyoto Imperial Palace.


The most common question asked by foreign visitors would be when is the cherry blossom season? I regularly answer from the end of March to the start of April.


However this year in 2020, we enjoyed warmer winter and that brought us a bit early spring. Already in Tokyo, cherry blossoms were officially reported to be started.


The official announcement is not yet in Kyoto, but we can see other cherry blossoms as there are more than 300 species. Some start earlier, the others later.


The one I saw today was the earlier one. From hundreds of years ago, people enjoyed the beauty of the flower in this place.


Amid the rough situation of the new corona virus, COVID-19, I hope everyone can have at least some peaceful moment.