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醍醐寺五重塔/Five-Storied Pagoda at Daigoji Temple


Daigoji Temple is listed as one of Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto (UNESCO World Heritage Sites).


Spring season is very beautiful with cherry blossom, and the place was loved by a renowned samurai, Hideyoshi.


I recommend you should take time to look everything carefully, but most of all, the five-storied pagoda is a must see.


The tower completed in 951 is the oldest wooden structure in Kyoto Prefecture. It still tells us a beauty of Japanese ancient times.

桜と醍醐寺五重塔/Five-storied Pagoda at Daigoji Temple


We say the beauty of the pagoda is coming from the stability.


Its metal pinnacle is 1/3 of all, and the roofs are gradually narrowing from the bottom to the top.

醍醐寺五重塔/Five-storied Pagoda at Daigoji Temple


I visited here on 23rd and it was a perfect sunny day. The blue sky and white pink cherry added a great contrast against the tower.

醍醐寺五重塔/Five-storied Pagoda at Daigoji Temple


If you have a chance to visit, don't forget to take a closer look at the roofs. You'll be surprised how it's elaborate!

醍醐寺五重塔/Five-storied Pagoda at Daigoji Temple

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Mar 25, 2020

ロンさん、こんにちは。 Absolutely I remember you! And you also gave me several comments on Facebook page. Hope you and your friends are fine in this difficult situation.


Mar 25, 2020

It looks beautiful. thank you for telling us about it. My name is Ron, from Canada. I met you at an English conversation night at JALS in Kyoto.

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