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藤森神社のあじさい/Hydrangea at Fujinomori Shrine

6月6日に #藤森神社 の紫陽花苑を訪問しました。

I visited Hydrangea Garden in #Fujinomori Shrine on June 6th.

藤森神社紫陽花苑/ Hydrangea in Fujinomori Shrine


The hydrangea garden in the shrine started to be opened on this day, and I luckily managed to visit there in the morning.

このときはまだ色の淡い #あじさい が多く、あじさいシーズンの初めらしさを味わえました。

In the early June, the flowers were still very pale and I really liked to enjoy their pastel colors a lot.

藤森神社紫陽花苑/ Hydrangea in Fujinomori Shrine


Its color tends to become deeper as the time passes.


When you observe it every day, you'll find its color transition from sickly blue to blue and purple, or faint pink to rose pink.


Soil influences determination of color that makes hydrangeas pink or blue, in addition to it, other facts work complicatedly.

藤森神社紫陽花苑/ Hydrangea in Fujinomori Shrine


The flower doesn't easily go, so you can enjoy it for a while.


June in Japan is a rainy season, but colorful hydrangeas will please your eyes.


I was also happy to see beautiful soft-colored flowers.

藤森神社紫陽花苑/ Hydrangea in Fujinomori Shrine

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