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三室戸寺のあじさい/Hydrangea at Mimurotoji Temple


I visited Mimurotoji Temple on June 24th.


It's about 15 minutes walk away from closest Mimurodo Station on Keihan Line, and it has a long steps in the compound, so you might find it's hard to visit and walk so much, but I can recommend here and it's worth visiting because it's very beautiful place as well as interesting.

三室戸寺/ Mimurotoji

境内には見所がたくさんあるのですが、今回は #あじさい のお話を。

There are lots to see in this temple but this time, but this time, I'd like to share the most seasonal topic, hydrangea.


Mimurotoji Temple is famous for azalea, Hydrangea, and lotus.


I arrived here just after the gate opened and there was no line, but when I left here, I witnessed about 10 people were waiting at the gate to enter, and more and more people were arriving from the station.


When you see the area where hydrangeas are planted, you will be astonished by how beautiful and colorful it is. However once you get closer, you might change your mind.

三室戸寺のあじさい/ Hydrangea in Mimurotoji