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八坂神社と祇園祭/Yasaka Shrine and Gion-matsuri

6月30日の #夏越の祓(なごしのはらえ)を終えると、新しい半年の始まりがやってきます。

After nagoshi-no-harae on June 30th, a new half year starts.


July first is an important beginning in Kyoto. A religious festival called Gion-matsuri (Gion festival) kicks off.


Gion-matsuri is Yasaka Shrine's festival, and it dates back to 869, when an epidemic was picking up, and started praying.

八坂神社/ Yasaka Shrine


It's a very famous festival: one of the three biggest festivals in Japan, and also designated as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. Several events of the festival is even broadcast live on TV.


Actually, the whole month of July from 1st to 31th is considered to be the period of this important religious season.


Indeed, a new corona virus has changed our life a lot this year, we have now again realized how helpless human is in front of diseases and disasters.

八坂神社の絵馬/ Ema wooden board in Yasaka Shrine


Don't forget to wear masks when you go out.

マスクをする大国さん/ Daikoku wears mask

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