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お庭が新しくなった霊源院/Reigenin With A Renewed Garden

#霊源院 を訪問しました。

I visited #Reigenin Temple.


Annually it's open to public in rainy season to enjoy flowers similar to hydrangea. However, they said they're going to reconstruct the garden last year.


When I entered, first of all, the shiny white gravel caught my eyes. It's totally different from I knew as the garden here.

建仁寺霊源院/ Reigenin at Kenninji Temple


Then realized there were some big stones which have dignified air.

建仁寺霊源院/Reigenin at Kenninji Temple


Accounting to the monk's explanation, the whole garden from the left to the right, it shows how Buddhism traveled to Japan. From India, China to Japan. And telling us the trend of the times. The flow and concept was so beautiful.


When you pay attention to the details, of course, you can enjoy more. I'd strongly recommend people to visit here.

建仁寺霊源院/Reigenin at Kenninji Temple


The temple has an exciting news in autumn, too. If you're curious about it, visit there to ask.

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