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風鈴と水無瀬神宮の「招福の風」/Wind Bell and Fourtune Bringing Breeze at Minase Shrine


While it's scorching hot summer, keep our bodies still. Then suddenly we feel a breeze with a light clink. It reminds me of summer indeed.


It is a wind bell that made the clink.


Now in Minase Shrine, an event Fortune Bringing Breeze is held and you will see a beautiful scenery as the photo below.

風鈴/wind bell


With each wind bell, people tie a piece of paper written gratitude. It moves every time when it breezes.


The concept of the event is this: Gratitude of somebody can heal your heart. Your gratitude can be of help to others.


Also at its wash basin, you can see small balls offered by visiters. It looks very nice and cool on water.



They started this with a wish to cause good chain of influence to each other.


A moment wishing for somebody's happiness; it should be moving and healing, and others who see them can move the others, too.


The priest's wish invited a breeze bringing lots of people.


It is held until Sep 9th, so don't miss it.

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