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曼殊院の紅葉/Mansyuin in Autumn


Hello, everyone, this is a new writer Rieko.


Since the owner Yuri is down (becoming better), I'm trying to help her and started writing a blog. I am also certificated guide by Kyoto City, called City of Kyoto Visitors Host as well as Yuri. This time, let me show one of my favorite temple I visited this year.


I (Rieko) visited Mansyuin Temple on Novermber 25th.


The temple is famous for autumn colors, but it is almost ending the season as it started to change earlier.


When you take a closer look at maple trees, it's almost dried up because temperature was higher in the middle of November, but anyway from a distance, it is beautiful.


Mansyuin is very interesting spot to visit to learn many things. The first of all before anything, its dry garden gives you a still, calm impression.


In another post, I'll show you its feature little by little if chances permits.

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