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渉成園の名残の紅葉/The Last Moment of Autumn colors at Shosei-en Garden


I had an appointment nearby on 8th, so dropped by Shosei-en Garden.


This garden always shows us beautiful moment of each year. I was almost reluctant to visit here because it was a bit late to see the best, but happily and luckily enough, the sun came out for me and shone around. The view changed gracefully and became wonderful like a painting.


The photo below is at Maple Lane, officially named in Japanese Tanpu-kei. As the name shows, this is the place you can fully enjoy Japanese maple. Japanese name Tanpu-kei is also based on vermillion color and maple, and valley.


The place is surely designed to enjoy this color change.



The last one is with Kyoto Tower. Some say why this modern thing is seen from Japanese garden, or, the others say the contrast is interesting.

From my personal opinion is sometimes good and sometimes not. What I want to keep in my mind is to enjoy every moment.

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