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新緑の青蓮院/Shoren-in with verdant plants

新緑の #青蓮院 を訪問しました。

I visited #Shorenin Temple, which is beautiful with fresh green.

青蓮院 / Shoren-in


Red azalea add a nuance in this season, and you can appreciate a quiet moment.

キリシマツツジ / azalea


Syoren-in is famous for it's high class as Japanese emperors spent their time, also for huge champhor trees.

大クスノキ / camphor tree


Here is outstanding with autumn colors, but this is in other words, fresh verdant green is wonderful.


Tabinomushi is planning a tour to go here and to walk around on National holiday, Thursday 29th.


Considering the tough situation with COVID, still this tour is operated.


We're planning to make a podcast to deliver the contents of the tour, so, don't be pressured to join, but hope to see you!

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