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陶芸教室のお手伝い/Assistant Work in a Pottery Class



The other day I went to help a pottery class at Gallery Saiin, which is 5 minutes walk away from Hankyu Saiin Station.


I introduced the Gallery to a language school so as to offer a pottery experience communicating with a professional. And assisted the Potter and the staffs who met exchange students.



They previously said they are not sure to satisfy students' interests because of the language barrier. I was hoping this opportunity would be nice experience for everyone, and decided to help with language.

(I knew they had a POCKETALK in their office room!)

陶芸体験/Pottery Class



As a result, students made very distinct and unique works all which were far beyond our expectancy. Can't wait to see their work after firing.


Visit Gallary Saiin's blog, too (It's only in Japanese.)

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