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下鴨納涼古本まつり/Secondhand Book Fair at Shimogamo Shrine


A secondhand book fair is held at Tadasunomori, a forest at Shimogamo Shrine from 11th to 16th of August from 10 AM to 5:30 PM. (Note it finishes at 4 PM on the last day Aug 16th)

下鴨納涼古本まつり/ Shimogamo Shrine


Young and old, men and women was visiting here and looking for various books such as classic literature, modern novels, business materials, language learning, picture books and fairy tales for kids.


Tadasunomori, or a forest in the city there is usually cooler with shade but I felt too hot. In deed, it's announced by the Meteorological Agency that Kyoto recorded 37.7℃ today.


There is only one thing what people want to do in such a hot weather... JUMP INTO A RIVER! You cannot jump in but Kamogawa Delta located at nearby Shimogamo Shirine is a popular place to play in the water.

鴨川デルタ/ Kamogawa Delta


Please bring enough drink and keep hydrated as it is not just hot but also humid.


Enjoy treasure hunting!

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