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嵐電妖怪電車と怪談/Monster Train (Keifuku Line) and Japanese specters.


嵐電/ Randen Line


Monster Train runs in Kyoto from Aug 11th to 15th. They are limited to only five trains so check the schedule below.

①嵐山駅(Arashiyama Sta.) 17:00 (5:00PM)

   ⇒ 四条大宮駅(Shijo Omiya Sta.) 17:24 (5:24PM)

②四条大宮駅(Shijo Omiya Sta.)  17:40 (5:40PM)

   ⇒ 嵐山駅(Arashiyama Sta.) 18:04 (6:04PM)

③嵐山駅(Arashiyama Sta.) 18:30 (6:30PM)

   ⇒四条大宮駅(Shijo Omiya Sta.) 18:54 (6:54PM)

④四条大宮駅(Shijo Omiya Sta.) 19:10 (7:10PM)

   ⇒ 嵐山駅(Arashiyama Sta.) 19:34 (7:34PM)

⑤嵐山駅(Arashiyama Sta.) 20:00 (8:00PM)

   ⇒ 四条大宮駅(Shijo Omiya Sta.) 20:24(8:24PM)

大人 220円 こども 110円 妖怪 100円 (コスプレ)

Adult 220 yen, Children 110 yen, monster cosplayer 100 yen


Monsters here and there in the train!

一反木綿/ Ittanmomen


Cosplayers and students of Kyoto Saga University of Arts dressed up as ghosts and monsters showed up. They were so monsters that many children cried, screamed and clung to t