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嵐電妖怪電車と怪談/Monster Train (Keifuku Line) and Japanese specters.


嵐電/ Randen Line


Monster Train runs in Kyoto from Aug 11th to 15th. They are limited to only five trains so check the schedule below.

①嵐山駅(Arashiyama Sta.) 17:00 (5:00PM)

   ⇒ 四条大宮駅(Shijo Omiya Sta.) 17:24 (5:24PM)

②四条大宮駅(Shijo Omiya Sta.)  17:40 (5:40PM)

   ⇒ 嵐山駅(Arashiyama Sta.) 18:04 (6:04PM)

③嵐山駅(Arashiyama Sta.) 18:30 (6:30PM)

   ⇒四条大宮駅(Shijo Omiya Sta.) 18:54 (6:54PM)

④四条大宮駅(Shijo Omiya Sta.) 19:10 (7:10PM)

   ⇒ 嵐山駅(Arashiyama Sta.) 19:34 (7:34PM)

⑤嵐山駅(Arashiyama Sta.) 20:00 (8:00PM)

   ⇒ 四条大宮駅(Shijo Omiya Sta.) 20:24(8:24PM)

大人 220円 こども 110円 妖怪 100円 (コスプレ)

Adult 220 yen, Children 110 yen, monster cosplayer 100 yen


Monsters here and there in the train!

一反木綿/ Ittanmomen


Cosplayers and students of Kyoto Saga University of Arts dressed up as ghosts and monsters showed up. They were so monsters that many children cried, screamed and clung to their parents.

お化け/ Monster


While the train was running, they also came to me and I ended up to scream.

お化け/ Monster


Do you know that ghost stories are symbolic to summer for Japanese people?


Why is it summer? It's related to Obon custom in Japan.


Obon is held mid-summer and it it said that deceased ancestors' spirits are coming back to our world. They live in the other world from ours, but two worlds come closest in Obon season. For the repose of dead souls, it has been a tradition to dance, perform a play or show something funny, and gradually the public also started to enjoy it.


Now, let me share with you a story about onibaba -- a devilish womn.


Onibaba is nowadays used as "hag" but originally meant a devil with a shape of an old lady who eats human. She is always to be abhorred and resented, but she has a miserable past that turned her to Onibaba.

鬼婆/ Onibaba


Long long time ago, a woman served a prity girl. She loved the girl so much and devoted herself but the little girl became sick and unable to speak. She heard the cure was a fresh liver of an expectant mother, so she decided to get it for her princess. She started to live in a deep mountain alone without her own daughter, letting travelers stay in her house and waited for that the right person comes.


Many yeas had passed. The woman became old. Then a young couple with an expected baby came to stay. "Now at last!" While her husband was out, she cut open the lady's belly and got her fresh liver.

すると女が持っていたお守りが目に入ります。よく見ると、自分が娘に渡したお守りではないですか。自分の娘を手にかけたことを知った老婆は気が狂い、鬼婆となって、宿に泊まる人を喰らい続けるようになってしまったんだとさ。 おしまい。

Suddenly a piece of something jumped out at the old. Looking carefully, it was a lucky charm she gave her daughter. She realized that she laid violent hands on her own real daughter, and it made her go bonkers. After then, she has been continuing to kill and eat travelers staying her place. That's all we know.


Such a train event and tradition are based on cultural background although we're not very much aware of. If you know more, it deepens your life in Japan.

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