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Tabinomushi provides tours in Kansai (Western Japan) in English and in Japanese as a second language for anyone wanting to brush up their Japanese skills. We have two types of tours: Public Group Tours with various themes and Private Tours customized just for you.

The name of Tabinomushi means "tripworm" -- something like a bookworm or someone devoted to reading. Likewise devoting to reading; we experience discovering something new and meaningful about Japan from each tour.

Below are Tabinomushi’s aims:

  • Now that town strolling is popular among Japanese, foreigners might not enjoy it as much as they do because of the language barrier. We fix this for you by offering tours in English. And for Japanese language learners, we provide tours in easy Japanese so as to better understand Japanese culture during their stay in Japan. We believe in the motto of “Learn Japan in Japan in Japanese”, which can make our guest’s experience more special.

  • By providing deep and wide analysis of Japanese culture, even Japanese people can gain something new from our tours. As there is no division between Japanese and foreigners, the tours become a bridge to communicate with between cultures which an experienced, fluent guide helps to create.

  • Just living in Japan doesn’t make you understand the history or stories behind the places. To understand each place better we explain about Japanese customs, culture, sense of beauty, way of thinking, idioms, superstitions in
    addition to historical facts and interesting stories.


To realize these aims, we always make tours seasonal, cultural and meaningful. Additionally, our professional National-licensed guide will convey authentic stories and historical truths. In doing so, Tabinomushi tours satisfy our guest’s desire to learn and experience more about Japan.

You'll find a different Japan from a new point of view.
Ready? Let's hit the road!!

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Yuri Minoura, Chief Tour Guide

Professional National-licensed tour guide

Born and raised in Osaka, where is famous for comedians and storytellers. Telling lots of jokes, her kind and thoughtful nature make tours always comfortable.

Having majored in Russian in university, also joined Japanese tutoring program for exchange students.

Gained lots of excellent reviews as her tours enlighten guests from different perspectives: linguistics, literature and historiography.

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