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ウォーキングツアーで学校の周りをじっくり堪能!その②/Deep Cultural Walking Tour Around the School Vol.2



After we left Rokkakudo Temple, we headed to the east while enjoying the trivial things symbolizing Kyoto, and at last had a sweet break.

通訳案内士Yuri/ English tour guide


Then, to meet a friend who were late for the tour, we came in front of Seiganji Temple.


This temple is also unique and has long history, but due to time, we only shared one story that was perfect for us.

誓願寺/ Seiganji


In the past, of course there wasn't smartphone to communicate in real-time. This temple had what is like an information board to find a lost baggage or a child.


That is, there is no other place to find our friend!


In ancient times, this temple had a huge ground and as many as 18 sub-temples. However during the end of 19th century (Meiji period), a downtown named Shinkyogoku street was made. That brought this temple to be smaller.


The capital, the emperor and the rich moved to Tokyo, so during that time, Kyoto was not lively. The street helped Kyoto be a energetic again.

新京極/ Shinkyogoku


We strolled around, and came to Nishiki Temmangu Shrine for academic achievement and to Gion district.


Gion is the world famous geisha district. (The Kyoto local don't use the term geisha, but maiko and geiko.) Listening to stories about their way of life, we respect them a lot.

通訳案内士Yuri/ English tour guide


The tour was four hour walking tour and as it got darker, it got colder. That was the toughest thing but they were curious about Kyoto and Japan, so asked a lot of questions. I hope everybody enjoyed it.

通訳案内士Yuri/ English tour guide

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