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北野天満宮の梅/Plum blossoms at Kitano-tenmangu Shrine

19日に #北野天満宮 を訪問しました。今年は温かい日が多く、梅が各地で見頃です。

I visited #Kitanotenmangu Shrine on 19th. It's been mild weather this year and plum blossoms are at their peak.


This shrine is known for getting academic achievement and acceptance in university or high school. The deity here is a historical person.


This is the right place to come pray for your success during entrance exam season from January to February.

北野天満宮/Kitano-tenmangu Shrine


The person, Sugawara-no-Michizane loved plum so much from his childhood and he made poems in Japanese language and also in Chinese.


That'the reason why you can see a plum symbol here. And different kinds of plums with elegant aroma, too.

北野天満宮の梅/Plum blossoms at Kitano-tenmangu Shrine

道真公が大宰府へ発つ際に詠んだ「東風吹かば 匂ひおこせよ 梅の花 主なしとて 春な忘れそ」はあまりにも有名で、受験シーズン、お持ちの鉛筆に彫ってあった記憶がある方も多いかもしれません。

He created a very famous poem about spring and plum when he was set into exile. It's so famous that many school children have a pencil in which this poem is carved.


In ancient times, Japanese learned Chinese ideas and started to think spring would come from the east.


Spring sometimes touches us by gentle wind and we can feel it is around the corner.


But still in the morning and at night, it's chilly. Plum is an earlier flower blooming in such a condition, which should have been encouraging people.

北野天満宮の梅/Plum blossoms at Kitano-tenmangu Shrine


February is almost finishing. I hope everybody can get accepted by schools and universities to start a new wonderful life.

北野天満宮の梅/Plum blossoms at Kitano-tenmangu Shrine

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